Early Intervention for toddlers to age 3
Therapy for Preschoolers age 3-5
Receptive/ Expressive language disorders/delays
Speech sound production
Play-based therapy
Routines based therapy
Parent coaching
Child-led therapy
One-on-one sessions
Telehealth/ In-person available
*Free Consultation

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Highlight: Books, Games, & more..

Find our favorite book suggestions, activities, toys, and games that can be used to work on speech and language goals. And the list keeps growing...

Activities & Books…

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Articles & Resources

Find articles, handouts, and milestones to refer to when you have questions about your child’s development.


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Building connections are A Part of Speech!

Nurturing our littlest clients through school-age to promote communication and provide a safe space to grow their skills...
We are a Pediatric Speech and Language Pathology service dedicated to our very young up to age 5.

Please search the site for useful information and reach out if you are interested in services.


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